Policy Committee

The Policy Committee shall examine the policies of the district and advise the Board of the status of, and/or any needed changes and improvements.  The Committee shall insure that RSU 40 has all policies required by Federal or State law.  The Committee shall review and/or propose any new or revised policies to the Board for adoption.  Policies should be reviewed and updated at least every three years

3/2/23 Agenda-Cancelled
2/2/23 AgendaFebruary
12/1/22 AgendaDecember12/1/22 Minutes
11/3/22 AgendaNovember11/3/22 Minutes
10/6/22 AgendaOctober10/6/22 Minutes
9/1/22 AgendaSeptember9/1/22 Minutes
6/2/22 AgendaJune6/2/22 Minutes
5/5/22 AgendaMay5/5/22 Minutes
4/7/22 AgendaApril4/7/22 Minutes
3/3/22 AgendaMarchcancelled – weather
2/3/22 AgendaFebruary cancelled – weather
1/6/22 AgendaJanuary1/6/22 Minutes
12/2/21 AgendaDecember 12/2/22 Minutes
11/4/21 AgendaNovember11/4/21 Minutes
10/7/21 AgendaOctober10/7/21 Minutes
9/2/21 AgendaSeptember9/2/21 Minutes
8/5/21 AgendaAugust8/5/21 Minutes
6/3/21 AgendaJune6/3/21 Minutes
5/6/21AgendaMay5/6/21 Minutes
4/1/21 AgendaApril4/1/21 Minutes
3/4/21 AgendaMarch3/4/21 Minutes
2/4/21 AgendaFebruary2/24/21 Minutes
1/7/21 AgendaJanuary1/7/21 Minutes
12/3/20 AgendaDecember12/3/20 Minutes
11/5/20 AgendaNovember11/5/20 Minutes
10/1/20 AgendaOctober10/1/20 Minutes
7/23/20 AgendaJuly7/23/20 Minutes