Personnel/Negotiations Committee

The Committee is charged with:

  1. Assisting the Superintendent in reviewing and recommending to the Board the
    adoption of teacher and administrative job descriptions;
  2. Up to five volunteers from the committee will negotiate with all employee
    bargaining units;
  3. The Board will be kept regularly informed of the progress of contract negotiations
    via executive session.
  4. The Superintendent will invite two members of the Board to participate in the
    administrative hiring process. The Superintendent may give precedence to Directors
    who represent the jurisdiction in which the new administrators will serve.
9/28/23 Agenda September
5/25/23 AgendaMay5/25/23 Minutes
4/27/23 AgendaApril4/27/23 Minutes
9/22/22 AgendaSeptember9/22/22 Minutes
5/26/22 AgendaMay5/26/22 Minutes
4/28/22 AgendaApril4/28/22 Minutes
3/24/22 AgendaMarchcancelled
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