Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is composed of one member from each of the five district towns and two at large members appointed by the Chair.  The function of the committee is to monitor the financial condition of the district.  Specific duties include:
•    To approve and sign bill warrants
•    To aid the Superintendent in constructing an annual budget
•    To do initial scrubs on the budget and present it to the Board
•    To establish a five-year projection of spending plan

11/17/22 AgendaNovember
10/20/22 AgendaOctober
9/15/22 AgendaSeptember9/15/22 Minutes
8/18/22 AgendaAugust 8/18/22 Minutes
7/21/22 Agenda -cancelledJuly Cancelled
6/16/22 AgendaJune6/16/22 Minutes 
5/19/22 Agenda May5/19/22 Minutes
3/17/22 AgendaMarch3/17/22 Minutes
2/17/22 Agenda February2/17/22 Minutes
1/20/22 AgendaJanuary1/20/22 Minutes
12/16/21 AgendaDecember12/16/21 Minutes
11/18/21 Agenda November11/18/21 Minutes 
10/21/21 AgendaOctober 10/21/21 Minutes
9/16/21 AgendaSeptember9/16/21 Minutes
8/19/21 Agenda August8/19/21 Minutes
7/15/21 Agenda July 7/15/21 Minutes
6/17/21 Agenda June6/17/21 Minutes 
5/20/21 Agenda May5/20/21 Minutes
4/15/21 Agenda April4/15/21 Minutes
3/18/21 Agenda March 3/18/21 Minutes 
1/21/21 AgendaJanuary1/21/21 Minutes 
12/17/20 Agenda cancelledDecemberCancelled
11/19/20 AgendaNovember11/19/20 Minutes
10/15/20 AgendaOctober10/15/20 Minutes
9/17/20 AgendaSeptember9/17/20 Minutes
8/20/20 AgendaAugust8/20/20 Minutes
7/16/20 AgendaJuly7/16/20 Minutes