Facilities/Transportation Committee

  1. The committee shall examine and monitor the District facilities and transportation services and advise the Superintendent and School Board of the status and any needed changes or improvements.  
  2. The committee shall establish a five-year plan for transportation services and a ten year plan for facilities. 
  3. The committee shall report to the Superintendent and the School Board on the status of facilities and transportation services in the district during the months of November and May.
  4. The committee shall coordinate with the Business Manager
3/16/23 AgendaMarch
2/16/23 Agenda February2/16/23 Minutes
1/19/23 Agenda CancelledJanuaryCancelled
12/15/22 AgendaDecember12/15/22 Minutes
11/17/22 AgendaNovember11/17/22 Minutes
10/20/22 AgendaOctober10/20/22 Minutes
9/15/22 AgendaSeptember9/15/22 Minutes
6/16/22 AgendaJune6/16/22 Minutes
5/19/22 Agenda May 5/19/22 Minutes
3/17/22 AgendaMarch3/17/22 Minutes
2/17/22 Agenda February2/17/22 Minutes
1/20/22 Agenda January1/20/22 Minutes
12/16/21 AgendaDecember12/16/21 Minutes 
11/18/21 AgendaNovember11/18/21 Minutes 
10/21/21 Agenda October10/21/21 Minutes
9/16/21 AgendaSeptember9/16/21 Minutes 
6/17/21 Agenda June6/17/21 Minutes
5/20/21 Agenda May5/20/21 Minutes
4/15/21 Agenda April4/15/21 Minutes 
3/18/21 Agenda March3/18/21 Minutes 
1/21/21 AgendaJanuary1/21/21 Minutes 
12/17/20 Agenda  cancelledDecemberCancelled
11/19/20 AgendaNovember11/19/20 Minutes
10/15/20 AgendaOctober10/15/20 Minutes
9/17/20 AgendaSeptember9/17/20 Minutes