Staff emails are in the following format:


Crystal Boucher


Administrative Assistant

Mary Ledger

Administrative Assistant

Teaching Staff

Tamara Casas

Kindergarten Teacher

Samantha Guthrie

1st Grade Teacher

Kasey Leidenroth

2nd Grade Teacher

Barbara Kopishke

3rd Grade Teacher

Leonard Lewis

4th Grade Teacher

Sarah Gagne

5th Grade Teacher

James Freyenhagen

6th Grade Teacher

Sherry Casas

Art Teacher

Patricia Crawford

Resource Room Teacher/Interventionist

Mark Phillips

Music Teacher

Bart Carhart

World Language Teacher

Darcy Kelly

Physical Education Teacher

Instructional Support Staff

Cynthia Vannah

Educational Support Staff (Library)

Jean Stephenson

Educational Support Staff

Morgan DiBenedetti

Educational Support Staff

Professional Services

Bethany Goding

District Gifted and Talented

Heather Halsey

District School Psychologist

Jan Birk

Speech and Language Pathologist

Linda Van Vranken

District ELL/ESL

Maurie Stockford

District Librarian

Michele Cooney

School Nurse

Katherine Nook Frost

Occupational Therapist

Support Services

Dawn Pendleton

Kitchen Manager

Patricia Thibodeau

Head Custodian