Terry Steinbeiser


Administrative Assistant

Cassie Balser

Administrative Assistant

Teaching Staff

Greta Luellen

Kindergarten Teacher

Eva Benner

1st Grade Teacher

Susan Hoxie

2nd Grade Teacher

Esther Chamberlin

3d Grade Teacher

Ann Allen

4th Grade Teacher

Gaylea Hynd

5th Grade Teacher

Marilee Harris

6th Grade Teacher

Sherry Casas

Art Teacher

Mark Phillips

Music Teacher

Carol Ehle

Reading Interventionist

Darcy Kelly

Physical Education Teacher

Hilary Creighton

Resource Room Teacher

Instructional Support Staff

Chelsey Delano

Educational Support Staff

Julie Wiegleb

Educational Support Staff

Professional Services

Brian Campbell

Speech and Language Pathologist

Kayleigh MacFarlane

School Counselor

Heather Halsey

District School Psychologist

Bethany Goding

District Gifted and Talented

Maurie Stockford

District Librarian

Linda Van Vranken

District ELL/ESL

Support Services

Justine Eichman

Kitchen Manager

Diana Winchenbach


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