About Us

Union Elementary is a relatively small PK-6 school with an enrollment of around 130 students. The first floor of the building houses our staff and students while the second floor serves as RSU 40’s Central Office. Our school has 17 full-time and 7 part-time staff members. We are located conveniently on Rt. 17, which serves as a main highway between Rockland and Augusta. Union is a gorgeous town known for its sprawling hills and pastures, blueberry fields and, of course, the Union Fair. 

Unlike the thriving blueberry industry, UES does not produce products; we work with people. Our job is to guide each student as they navigate their way through the trials associated with the ever-changing academic and social pressures associated with “growing up.” Each staff member shares the same passion – to do ‘whatever it takes’ to prepare students for the future. Sometimes this will mean providing interventions for students in need, stretching learning opportunities for those who excel, or teaching the skills necessary for students to regulate their own behavior. It is our responsibility to help build children of solid moral character who choose to make good choices, not because someone is watching, but because it’s the right thing to do. Besides the Common Core State Standards, UES also emphasizes character traits centered on the following monthly themes: manners, kindness, positive attitude, compassion, honesty, friendship, teamwork, conflict resolution, responsibility and perseverance.  

We are proud of our school for what we can offer our students and proud of our students for being their best selves.